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Fall 2019 Registration is Open! Scroll down to see the course list and register today

The DANK Haus offers three semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Our Summer Semester is 8 weeks long and offers intensive Elementary German I, II and III classes that meet twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:45 p.m.) as well as mini courses with a focus on Grammar Review and Conversation. These classes meet once a week on Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:45 p.m. Additionally, we offer an Online Reading and Writing Mini Session which you can attend from home. Scroll down to see the available courses and register online.

The Spring and Fall Semesters are 16 sessions long and classes meet either Wednesdays 6:30-8:45pm or Saturdays 9:30-11:45am. The 2019 Fall Semester courses are open for registration now.

Not sure which class is the best fit for you? Try taking an online Placement Exam. If you still are uncertain which class is the best fit or you would like to learn more about the curriculum, email Danica Polanski at danica@dankhaus.com.


Adult learners have a broad spectrum of personal and/or career-oriented educational goals.  To meet these goals, DANK Haus provides immersion language classes with challenging curricula covering listening comprehension, speaking fluency, writing, and grammar.

In our CORE PROGRAM we offer 7 levels of instruction for everyone from the true beginner to those with high school and college level experience.
  • Elementary German I (A1.1) through Elementary German IV (A2.2)
  • Intermediate German I (B1) and Intermediate German II (B2)
  • Advanced German (C1)
  • NEW: Online Reading and Writing (B1-C1 level)
For SPECIAL COURSES we offer mini sessions with focus on conversation, grammar review and business German during our summer semester.

Adult learners are generally considered 18 years and older. Please contact us regarding attendance of high school students.

**Scroll down to review our Spring 2019 courses and register!

What's a class at DANK Haus like? Testimonials!

Please meet Isabelle Flegel - one of our great teachers - and take a peek at this short but sweet portrait of an Elementary German I class at DANK Haus (click on the image)! As you can see, classes are interactive and communicative ... and fun!


Registration for Fall 2019 Semester classes is now open!

Scroll through the courses above to register today. If you are new to the program and are unsure about which level to select, you can take the placement test below to gauge your level. You can also reach out to danica@dankhaus.com to learn more about placement.

When registering, immediate payment is required to finalize your registration.  Classes require a minimum enrollment of 6 students. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Please note: By registering, students agree to our school policies (covering withdrawal, refunds, media consent).  Please take a moment to read them!

Placement Tests

Are you joining us with previous learning German experience or are you a continuing student but not sure whether moving on to the next level is right for you?  Please take our placement tests to find the class level that fits your needs best.  Begin with Elementary German I and move on to the next test as you score 80% and more.  We recommend to register for the class level of the test in which you achieved less than 80%.

Academic Calendar

The DANK Haus offers three semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The Spring and Fall Semesters are 16 sessions long and classes meet either Wednesdays 6:30-8:45 p.m. or Saturdays 9:30-11:45 a.m

Our Summer Semester is 8 weeks long and offers intensive Elementary German I and II classes that meet twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:45 p.m.) as well as mini courses with a focus on Grammar Review, Conversation and Business German. These classes meet once a week on a weekday evening from 6:30-8:45 p.m.

Summer 2019

 June 3, 2019
 Beginning Online Class
 June 4, 2019
 Beginning Intensive Class
 June 5, 2019
 Beginning Mini Session Class
 July 22, 2019
 Last Online Class
 July 24, 2019
 Last Mini Session Class
 July 25, 2019
 Last Intensive Class

Fall 2019

 September 11, 2019 first Wednesday classes
 September 14, 2019 first Saturday classes
 November 27, 2019 no Wednesday classes
 November 30, 2019 no Saturday classes
 December 21, 2019 no Saturday classes
 December 25, 2019 no Wednesday classes
 December 28, 2019 no Saturday classes
 January 1, 2020 no Wednesday classes
 January 4, 2020 no Saturday classes
 January 15, 2020  last day of Wednesday classes
 January 18, 2020 last day of Saturday classes

Tuition and Material Costs

 16 session Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Business Class $350 $375
 16 session Online Reading and Writing (Spring and Fall Semester only) $280 $300
 Summer Mini Session (8 classes) $178 $190
 Summer Online Reading and Writing Class (8 weeks) $140 $150

Member Discount: Members of the "Friends of DANK Haus" program save on class tuition along with receiving other discounts and benefits. Click here to learn more about our membership program.

Payment is expected in full by the first day of class.  Please contact us to inquire about payment options.

Material costs for class levels vary:

Elementary German I through IV classes are working with a customized text and work book based on Kontakte, 8th edition. Text and workbook cost $100 per semester total.

Intermediate Levels are working with Stationen, 3rd Edition text book (ISBN-13: 9781285733821).  Students are required to purchase their copy on their own after classes have been confirmed.  Please take advantage of the variety of new and used books as well as ebook and rental versions available.

Contact Us

We encourage you to visit us and sit in during a class.  This lets you see first-hand how the class is taught, and allows you to determine whether our curriculum will meet your needs. 

Office hours are sporadic.  If you would like to discuss questions in person, please leave a message at 773.561.9181 ext.2.  We will be sure to return your call as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we will be happy to communicate with you via email.

For general inquiries about programming, registration, tuition, materials and payment or if you would like to be added to our contact list - please contact danica@dankhaus.com.

der, die, das DANK Haus - online learning community

Friends and students of the German language! In der, die, das DANK Haus we share relevant information about German language and culture as well as news about DANK Haus language courses. It is also your platform to post questions, share useful tips and resources, search for a study or conversation partner, look for and pass on learning materials ....

Hallo und herzlich willkommen Freunde und Lernende der deutschen Sprache! In der, die, das DANK Haus teilen wir relevante Informationen über deutsche Sprache und Kultur sowie Aktuelles über DANK Haus Sprachkurse. Darüber hinaus ist es eure Plattform um Fragen zu stellen, Lerntipps zu teilen, nach Gesprächs- oder Lernpartnern zu suchen, Lehrbücher zu tauschen ... Schön dass ihr hier seid!

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