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Donation FAQs

The stories, objects, and photographs on display in the DANK Haus Museum are only a small part of our collection. Museum staff often meet with individuals and families to evaluate items for acceptance into the Museum's collections. We take pride in maintaining an ever-growing collection that preserves and interprets German-American history.

 How Do I Donate Objects, Images, or Documents to the DANK Haus Collection?

If you have material that you believe would add to the DANK Haus collection, please use the Deed of Gift form to submit a description of your proposed donation. This form can also be obtained in person at the DANK Haus from the Museum & Collections Manager. The completed form can be submitted in person, via email to rosa@dankhaus.com or  to:


Museum & Collections

4740 N. Western Ave.

Chicago, IL 60625

If we are interested in accepting your donation, Museum staff will work with you to receive the objects, images, or documents. 

Can I Mail or Drop Off a Donation?

Please contact the Museum Director before mailing or dropping off items. Not all items will be a good fit for our collection. We also need to know as much about the item as possible to determine its historical value and prefer to have contact with the donor in advance.

What Type of Donations Do You Accept?

Our archives and permanent collections are intended to present materials that speak to German immigration in the Midwest and the German-American experience. Please read our Collections Policy to learn more about our collecting objectives, acquisition policy, and related procedures.

Will the DANK Haus Exhibit the Materials in My Donation?

The DANK Haus cannot guarantee that any historical materials donated to the collection will be exhibited unless expressly collected for that purpose. Only a small fraction of the collection is on view at any given time.

Objects, images, and documents from the collection are occasionally loaned to other institutions for temporary exhibitions, and many historical materials in the collection are made available for research purposes. 

If I Donate Materials to the DANK Haus, Will They Be Returned to Me at My Request?

The DANK Haus cannot return accessioned collection objects, images, and documents to the donor. Once the DANK Haus Museum staff accepts your donation for the collection, you will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift which legally transfers ownership of the historical materials to the Museum. 

Will the DANK Haus Appraise My Donation for its Monetary Value?

The DANK Haus does not provide appraisals of the monetary value of proposed donations or for any other reason because the Internal Revenue Service regards museums and libraries as interested parties. 

Can Donated Materials be Removed from the DANK Haus Museum Collection?

The DANK Haus may remove historical materials from the collection through a process called deaccessioning. Objects, images, or documents that conform to our deaccessioning criteria (for example, historical materials that are determined to be outside the scope of the Museum's collections, inauthentic, misidentified, or misattributed, pose a risk to other objects in the collection) may be concerned for deaccessioning. Deaccessioned historical material may be donated to another museum or cultural or education organization, destroyed, sold, or disposed in another manner that the Museum deems fit. 

How Do Researchers Access Historical Materials in the DANK Haus Collection?

Photo: Eintracht archive at DANK Haus

Museum holdings are available to researchers upon request. Please contact the Museum Director, Rosa Gallagher, to set up an appointment and learn more about the collection by emailing rosa@dankhaus.com or calling (773) 561-9181 ext. 4.

German American Cultural Center
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