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The DANK Haus welcomes adults with all German language proficiency to learn or improve their German language skills as well as making multicultural friends in a German speaking environment. Our Fall Semester classes are 16 sessions long and meet either on Wednesday evening (6:30-8:45pm) or Saturday morning (9:30-11:45am). 

Intermediate I 

Congratulations, you are now a basic German speaker!

Students in Intermediate I are basic German speakers who want to become more confident and independent German speakers. In this class, students will learn to understand the main points on familiar matters in daily life, at work, at school or during free-time. They will be able to communicate in situations while traveling to Germany and write simple connected texts on familiar topics or topics of personal interest. It will also enable the student to describe experiences and events and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. 

Intermediate II 

Congratulations, you are becoming an upper intermediate German speaker!

In this class, students will learn to understand the main ideas of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics. Students will be able to communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes interactions with native speakers much easier. After this class, students will be able to write clear and detailed texts on a wide range of subjects to explain their viewpoints. 

Not sure which class is the best fit for you? Try taking an online Placement Exam. If you still are uncertain which class is the best fit or you would like to learn more about the curriculum, email Danica Polanski at danica@dankhaus.com.

What's a class at DANK Haus like? Testimonials!

Please meet Isabelle Flegel - one of our great teachers - and take a peak at this short but sweet portrait of an Elementary German I class at DANK Haus (click on the image)! As you can see, classes are interactive and communicative ... and fun!

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