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Language Program

Financial Aid Fund


Learning a foreign language and cultural immersion are invaluable experiences to learners of any age. DANK Haus is dedicated to providing German language instruction to everyone interested in German language and culture regardless of race, color, sexuality, national origin, gender, disability, age, or financial means.

In our commitment to provide an affordable tuition structure, DANK Haus currently allows flexible payment plans for adult students and families of minor students. To lower any financial barrier to attendance, we would like to offer need-based financial assistance in form of reduced tuition.

DANK Haus’ contributions to the financial aid fund will be made possible through in-house fundraising efforts. Furthermore, DANK Haus is reaching out to individuals, organizations, and businesses for donations and sponsorship supporting this effort to help establish the fund.

Donors and Sponsors

When supporting the financial aid fund to allow a student to have the positive experience of language learning and cultural immersion, you or your company will receive public acknowledgement via the DANK Haus website. Thank you for considering a contribution!

As a reference, these are our current tuition fees:

 Kinderschule - half year $372.50
 Kinderschule - full year $745
 Kinderschule Sommercamp - 1 week $275
 Kinderschule Sommercamp - 2 weeks $550
 Teen - full semester $315
 Adult - full semester $375
 Adults - summer Mini Session $190

Program Specifics

Individuals and families applying for financial aid must show valid proof of family income (copy of most recent 1040 tax return), which must include income of all contributors living in the student applicant's residence. Financial aid will be granted based on the number of dependents and total annual household income.

Financial aid amounting to 25 to 50% of tuition costs may be offered based on availability, number of applicants, and other factors. Any remaining balance of the tuition fee as well as material fees must be paid by the individual or family at the time of registration or in accordance with an established payment plan. If the financial aid grant is not used for the awarded semester, the discount is forfeited and the recipient must re-apply for the following semester or school period. Financial aid is not guaranteed until the scholarship grant has been awarded, reflecting that the DANK Haus has received the necessary funding in the financial aid fund.


If you are interested in contributing to the DANK Haus Language Program Financial Aid Program and have questions, please contact Language Program Director Miglena Nikolova at miglena@dankhaus.com or 773-561-9181 ext. 2.  

To make a donation towards the Language Program Financial Aid Fund, please go here and choose "Language Program Financial Aid Fund" in the "Donation Ties" drop down menu.

dankeschön! Thank you to our contributors!

GAPA - German American Police Association

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Language Program Financial Aid Fundraiser

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