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What a great German word. Say it out loud and slowly: Lern-pro-zess-be-glei-ter-in. Mmmhhhh, composite nouns, so good! But what does it mean? Well, here at the DANK we see our teachers and instructors as coaches rather than the old-fashioned "standing in front of the class" teacher (well, in these days actually "sitting-in-front-of-the-screen" would be more accurate). This means that our Lernprozessbegleiter*innen coach our students how to learn and what to learn, and they kindle and fan the sparks of curiosity about language and culture that our learners already bring to the table. And this true for our very young students in Krabbelgruppe, who watch big-eyed and mesmerized when they hear a German song being sung, as well as for our adult learners who feel the pride of accomplishment when they are able to express themselves in German. Often, you will see that same kind of pride on our teachers' faces when our students ask nuanced questions and dive in deep - because this curiosity is what gets us everyday. So, stay curious and ask your Lernprozessbegleiter*in any questions you might have! :D

Oh, and if you're curious about our Lernprozessbegleiter*innen, take a look:

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