Von DACH Ländern Träumen 💤💭

Saturday, February 13, 2021 9:40 AM | Anonymous

Where would you go, if there was no pandemic, and you had no money or time restraints? We asked our teachers, and they picked some really beautiful spots in the German speaking countries in Europe (also called DACH countries: Deutschland, Austriae - auf Hochdeutsch Österreich, and "CH" for the "Confederation Helvetica," or as it is commonly known, die Schweiz).

The top destinations were Wien (Österreich) and Hamburg (Deutschland). But beyond that our instructors are dreaming about visiting Davos and Tessin (Schweiz), Innsbruck (Österreich), Berlin (Deutschland), München (Deutschland), Salzburg (Österreich), Leipzig (Deutschland), Gera (Deutschland), and Zürich (Schweiz). Some also didn't have a particular city in mind, but wanted to go "in die Berge" or "an die Nordsee". Ahh, Heimweh is calling!

Are your feet itching to go, too, or are you day-dreaming perhaps, about your next trip? Ask you instructor about places to go!

But, reality is calling, and since we cannot go just yet, perhaps a cooking class at the Haus (virtual or in-person) might be a thing for you to bring DACH closer. Next up is a Fruitcake class! Mmmmmhhhh, Obstkuchen!! Check it out:

Kulturküche: Obstkuchen

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