Zusammengesetzte Nomen sind das Beste! 🤓 Compound words rock!

Tuesday, March 02, 2021 11:19 AM | Anonymous
Okay, fellow language lovers, aren't you drooling over the German compound words during the Corona Pandemic? They are soooo neat! I mean, I still have some Coronaangst (afraid of Corona), and am part of the Anderthalbmetergesellschaft (keeping 1.5m apart from others),  and only drink Abstandsbiere (drinking beer (or other alcoholic drinks) at a distance to others), to keep safe. In fact, I do not have a Kuschelkontakt (some specific person you feel is safe to cuddle) outside of my bubble, and I also refuse to greet others with a Todesküsschen (lit. death kiss = a peck on the cheek to say hi). Instead I live in a home office, although some days are really overzoomed (too many Zoom calls) and I have to admit that I am getting coronamüde (tired of Corona), especially with spring in the air. On the other hand, I am really happy that there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccinations (sloooooowly) being adminstered all over the world, and I do not have Impfneid (jealous of people who get vaccinated before me/my family/friends), but really wish all those Maskentrottel

(people who don't wear there masks properly, lit. mask idiots) out there would mask up properly!

Aren't these words great?! They say it all, short and sweet! Hach, German!

Oh, and one more, just because it is one of my favorite words to come out of the Pandemic: "Schnutenpulli" - a northern German colloquial word for mask, literally translated with "Schnute" = someone who pulls a face (think little kid being upset), and "Pulli" = Sweater/Pullover

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