Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? 🕰️

Sunday, November 01, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Today, we all turned our clocks back an hour, because there's no need to save any more of that beautiful daylight out there. Luckily, our phones do this automatically, so we don't have to agonize over remembering if we should turn the clock forward or backward. Although a wise person once devised this "Eselsbrücke": Since you put your lawn chairs back into the shed in the winter, you also turn the clock back. And vice versa, lawn chairs are brought forward in the summer, hence the clock moves forward, too. Neat, isnt't it, even we don't live in the dark old days of 20 years ago any more, where we actually had to manually change our clocks.

Fun fact: Europe is trying to get rid of "Winter- und Sommerzeit". But, it ain't that easy, as countries have different preferences: some want to stay on "summer time", others want "winter time". Why? Because, assuming that the EU decided to adopt winter time, the sun would be up at 3:45 am in Berlin in the summer. On the opposite end, if the EU would adopt summer time, Mallorca (Spain) would see the sun rise after 9am in the winter. So what to do? As of now, nothing - the idea might slowly die in the EU parliament. But you can read more about it here. ☀️

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