Jane Michalski – Ripple

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Title: Ripple Medium: encaustic on panel, rust print, collage Size: 30" x 40" From the artist: "In Summer of 2017 I worked on a painting that differed from other paintings in the series I had been making. I called the piece “Ripple “. It included circular elements created with rust stains from iron objects on rice paper. After the paper dried, the objects left circular stains on the paper that I collaged onto a panel with encaustic medium. At the time I viewed it as an exploration into the use of different techniques, and I thought the circular movement in the piece suggested ripples on the surface of dark water. The piece was difficult to resolve and turned out dramatic and monochrome in color. I finished “Ripple” in July of 2017. One month later I discovered a lump in my breast that turned out to be Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Subsequently, I underwent treatment that included chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and a lumpectomy. None of that was easy, of course, and created a major interruption to my personal and artistic life, however I am happy to say that I recovered completely and am now cancer free. When I look at “Ripple”, created the summer before my diagnosis, I can’t help but be struck by the presence of the circular imagery that recalls the forms of breasts. The divided circle form and the dark energy of this piece suggest the ordeal about to come. Was my subconscious sending me a message about my body? I believe in science over superstition and I know that humans search for meaning in patterns everywhere. Although this could just be coincidence, I also believe that artists are in touch with deep perception. Our senses connect us to the physical world around us and to our bodies in ways we are not always consciously aware of. This idea reinforces my belief in the power and importance of art. The concept brings me great joy and reaffirms my identity as an artist."

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