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DANK LIBRARY + Genealogy Center

There are over 7,000 volumes in our collection, including many rare and complete sets. Categories range from adult fiction to children's books, history, hobbies, poetry and drama. And of course, we have all the classics, too! All books may be checked out.

Currently, our library hours are:

  • Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am - 4:00pm

We are actively seeking interns and volunteers! If you are interested, contact Rosa Gallagher at rosa@dankhaus.com.

Genealogy Center:

Our 4th Floor Genealogy Center has books, printed guides, and online resources to help you begin or continue your research into your family history. While many of our patrons have German ancestors, we can help you research any ethnicity. Our institutional subscription to Ancestry.com can provide answers where you've previously hit a dead end.

We offer one-hour appointments with our genealogist at the rate of $25. After your session, you are welcome to stay and spend more time in our Genealogy Center.

Appointments may be requested for Mon–Sat.

Book an appointment with one of our genealogists by sending an email to rosa@dankhaus.com with a brief description of where you are in your genealogy research, and your desired date(s) for an on-site appointment. 

Stay tuned for upcoming themed genealogy workshops!

Book Donations FAQ:

What books are not accepted?

  • Our library will not accept books that have mold, water damage, or severe damage (ex. pages following out, large tearing throughout).
  • The library does not accept calendars, magazines, pamphlets, flyers, posters, dictionaries, textbooks, workbooks, or translations (ex. English to German translations). If these items are received with a donation, please note that they will be recycled.

What books are of greatest interest to your visitors?

  • We especially welcome donations of books presenting information about German immigration to the Midwest/Illinois/Chicago, genealogy, the German-American experience, history books, and contemporary German fiction.

What does the DANK Haus do with books that are donated but do not fit the collection?

  • Our volunteer librarians periodically weed the collection to make space for new acquisitions. Any books that are donated but are not a good fit for the collection or items that are weeded from the collection are sent to Better World Books. This organization accepts book donations and redistributes them to other locations that are interested in those items. The books may also be donated to our language program students or attendees to our programs.

Will someone pick up the books from my home?

  • The DANK Haus has limited staff and we unfortunately are unable to make trips off-site to pick up donations. 

Can I just show up and drop off books the next time I am in the neighborhood? 

  • We advise you to schedule a drop off with our Museum Director or another staff member in advance. It is helpful if our museum staff have the chance to discuss the donation with you in advance to decide whether or not the donation sounds like it would be a good fit for our collection. Our staff members often take meetings off-site and may not be around for unscheduled drop offs. Email rosa@dankhaus.com or call (773) 561-9181 ext. 4 for additional information about scheduling a donation.

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