Adult learners have a broad spectrum of personal and/or career-oriented educational goals.  To meet these goals, DANK Haus provides immersion language classes with challenging curricula covering listening comprehension, speaking fluency, writing, and grammar.

We offer 7 levels of instruction for everyone from true beginner to those with high school and college level experience.
  • Elementary German I through IV
  • Intermediate German I and II
  • Advanced German
  • Mini Sessions with focus on conversation and grammar are offered during our Summer Semester

Adult learners are generally considered 18 years and older. Please contact us regarding high school students.


Registration for the Spring 2017 Semester is closed! Please email us to be added to our mail list so you won't miss our next Semester.

Returning students: No need to fill out any further application forms!  Just send us an email by January 8 and indicate which class you wish to sign up for.  If any of your contact information needs to be updated, this would be a good time to let us know of any changes. Classes will be confirmed on January 11, 2017.

New students: Please submit an application for the class you desire to take by clicking on the link in the Class Schedule below.  Registration deadline is January 10, 2017!  Classes are always subject to sufficient enrollment.  DANK Haus reserves the right to cancel a class if student numbers are insufficient.  To allow us to base this decision on correct numbers and in fairness to all prospective and wait-listed students: Please contact us immediately should your availability or interest to take this class change after you submitted an application!  We will be able to confirm classes on January 11, 2017 via email.  At that point you will be asked to make your tuition and material fee payment.  DANK Haus has implemented a web based application to streamline the registration process including giving you the option to make online payments.  In our email on January 11 you will be given access information to the DANK Haus School Portal.  Please note that this information will be time sensitive and temporary passwords will expire after 3 days.  Therefore, we recommend you take the time to sign in right away to avoid the need for a password reset link at a later point.

By registering, students agree to our school policies (covering withdrawal, refunds, media consent). Please take a moment to read them!

Placement Tests

Are joining us with previous learning German experience or are you a continuing student but not sure whether moving on to the next level is right for you?  Please take our placement tests to find the class level that fits your needs best.  Begin with Elementary German I and move on to the next test as you score 80% and more.  We recommend to register for the class level of the test in which you achieved less than 80%.

Elementary German I 
Elementary German II
Elementary German III
Elementary German IV
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II

2017 Academic Calendar

Classes are held by semester (Spring, Summer, Fall).

Spring and Fall Semesters are 16 sessions long and classes meet either Wednesdays 6:30-8:45pm or Saturdays 9:30-11:45am. 

Our Summer Semester is 8 weeks long and offers an intensive Elementary German I class that meets twice a week as well as mini courses with focus on grammar and conversation that meet once a week from 6:30-8:45pm.

Spring 2017

Wednesdays 6:30-9:00pm
Elementary German I
Elementary German II
Elementary German III
Elementary German IV
Intermediate German II
Advanced German

 January 18, 2017
 First Day of Classes Spring Semester
 April 5, 2017
 No Classes
 April 12, 2017
 No Classes
 31 Dec 2014 Last Day of Classes Spring Semester

Saturdays 9:30-11:45am
Elementary German I
Elementary German II
Elementary German III
Elementary German IV

 January 21, 2017
 First Day of Class Spring Semester
 April 8, 2017  No Classes
 April 15, 2017  No Classes
 May 20, 2017
 Last Day of Classes Spring Semester

Tuition and Material Costs

Tuition for all 16 session Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced classes is $375.  Additional material fees apply.

Payment is expected in full by the first day of class.

Material costs for our basic class levels vary:

Elementary German I through IV classes are working with a customized text and work book based on Kontakte, 8th edition. Text and workbook cost $100 per semester total.

Intermediate Levels are working with Stationen, 3rd Edition text book (ISBN-13: 9781285733821).  Students are required to purchase their copy on their own after classes have been confirmed.  Please take advantage of the variety of new and used books as well as ebook and rental versions available.  DANK Haus has a limited number of copies available for a non-refundable rental fee of $40. Please inquire about availability by emailing us!

The Spring Semester Wednesday Advanced class with Gundula Miethke will be reading "Onno Viets und der weiße Hirsch" by Frank Schulz (ISBN: 978-3-86971-127-0).  Students are required to purchase their own copy after classes have been confirmed.

Contact Us

We encourage you to visit us and sit in during a class.  This lets you see first-hand how the class is taught, and allows you to determine whether our curriculum will meet your needs.  We want you to be comfortable, and to feel confident about your decision to join our school.

Office hours are very sporadic.  If you would like to discuss questions in person, please leave a message at 773.561.9181 ext.2.  We will be sure to return your call as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we will be happy to communicate with you via email.

Questions about our curriculum? Please contact Language Program Director Dr. Miglena Nikolova.

General inquiries about programming, registration, tuition, materials and payment or you would like to be added to our contact list? Please contact Language Program Coordinator Anett Rollin.

Why learn German?

  • Learning German at an early age fosters intellectual growth and reasoning skills, creates an awareness of other culture and languages and improves understanding of one's native language.
  • German is the most widely spoken language of the EU - with 90 million people speaking German as their first language.
  • Germany is one of four primary trading partners of the United States, which has the largest concentration of German speakers outside of Europe.
  • Knowledge of German language and culture is personally rewarding and improves travel and employment opportunities.
  • Preserving German culture and language enriches families and communities.

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DANK Haus German American Cultural Center does not discriminate based on race, color, sexuality, national origin, sex, disability or age.
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