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Purpose: Support general membership and Board; institutional history

The Governance Committee is the least visible committee, yet essential for the proper functioning of the DANK Haus. It is responsible for:

  • ·             General membership, including the annual membership meeting
  • ·             Board of Directors, including the Board’s annual retreat
  • ·             Recruitment and election of Board members
  • ·             Maintaining documents regarding the institutional and organizational history of the DANK Haus

The Governance Committee makes certain that organizational activities are performed in accordance with the bylaws. By doing so, it guarantees that important decisions are made transparently and for the benefit of the DANK Haus and its members. Some of its activities include:

  • ·             Organizing the annual membership meeting, where members learn about the DANK Haus’s past and future programs, and elect               the Board of Directors.
  • ·             Organizing the annual retreat for the Board of Directors, where the Board reviews it activities of the past year and sets long-term            goals and action plans.
  • ·             Recruiting Board members, advising them of the scope of the DANK Haus’s activities, and providing orientation to new Board                    members.
  • ·             Maintaining institutional documents such as the bylaws; assessments of property, art works and archives; legal documentation,              important decisions by past Boards.

Engage with Governance at the DANK Haus

Do you have skills that could help the Governance Committee? The following are always welcome:

  • ·             Organizing business meetings
  • ·             Maintaining official records
  • ·             Interviewing
  • ·             Training


  • Governance

    Purpose: Membership, recruitment & records
    Chair: Mary Owen
    Contact: E-mail the Governance Committee


Do you have skills that you can share to help improve our public image?  The following types of experience are always welcome!

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Social Media Management


  • Building Committee

    Purpose: Maintain physical viability of our building
    Chair:  Sigurd Kolemainen
    Contact: E-mail the Building Committee
  • Education, Museum, & Archives

    Purpose: Liaison with German language school
    Chair: Mary Owen
    Contact: E-mail the Education Committee
  • External Affairs

    Purpose: Communication, advertising & marketing
    Chair: Joseph Schreiner
    Contact: E-mail the External Affairs Committee
  • Finance

    Purpose: Maintain fiscal viability of our building and organization
    Chair: Dagmar Freiberger
    Contact: E-mail the Finance Committee
  • Programming

    Purpose: Plan social events, arts programs & fundraisers
    Chair: Susanne Mickey
  • Contact: Email the Programming committee

German American Cultural Center
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Office: +1 (773) 561-9181
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DANK Haus German American Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
DANK Haus German American Cultural Center does not discriminate based on race, color, sexuality, national origin, sex, disability or age.
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