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WELCOME at the DANK Haus!

More than 90 million people speak German as their first language and Germany is one of the primary trading partners of the United States. So, knowing German language and culture is personally rewarding, and it improves employment opportunities in the future.  

Our language school will offer two tracks for more individualized language learning to support our students social and linguistic needs: Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DAZ) and Deutsch and Fremdsprache (DAF). Please read the distinction of between the two tracks below.  

Bilingual German Teen with DAZ

Deutsch als Zweitsprache (DAZ) : German as a second language 

DAZ track is for students who can already understand and express themselves in German. Students must be able to understand all directions given in German and must be able to express themselves in German, with the exception of grammatical and vocabulary errors. We teach exclusively in German and utilize books which are designed for German classes in Germany. We emphasize joyful language learning and celebrate cultural holidays and traditions, but also work on German spelling, factual and narrative writing, reading and grammar in German.

It is the goal for DAZ students to  complete the Deutsche Sprachdiplom I & II (DSD I&II) which allows them to apply at a German university/Studienkolleg if they haven taken the appropriateclasses at high school. 

You can find a more detailed overview of the different competency levels here.

For registration, please click here.

German High School Teen with DAF

Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DAF) : German as a foreign language

The DAF track is designed for students who are distinctively not confident in German or newcomers to German. This track emphasizes communication and supports learners with explicit vocabulary learning, exploring sentence structure, grammar training and lots of repetition. We utilize books which are designed for German as a second language, and teach largely in German while reserving the possibility to resort to English for complex explanations. We emphasize joyful learning and celebrate cultural holidays but also learn grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary as well as academic reading and writing in German.

It is the goal for DAF students to join the DAZ students after reaching A1/B2 level or after completing the Deutsche Sprachdiplom 1 (DSD 1).  Completing the Deutsch Sprachdiplom II (DSD I&II) allows them to apply at a German university/Studienkolleg if they haven taken the appropriate classes at high school. 

For registration, please click here.

Please contact danica@dankhaus.com if you have any questions so we ensure the proper fit for your teenager's academic language needs.

Fall Semester 2019 Class Schedule

Teen German 

 September 13, 2019

 first day of class

 November 29, 2019 no class
 December 20, 2019 no class
 December 27, 2019 no class
 January 3, 2020 no class
 January 17, 2020 last day of class

Classes meet Fridays from 5:30pm - 7:45pm


Fall 2019 registration is open!

Classes are subject to sufficient enrollment. The DANK Haus reserves the right to cancel a class if student numbers are insufficient.  To allow for us to base this decision on correct numbers and in fairness to all prospective and wait-listed students: Please contact us immediately should your availability or interest to take this class change after you submitted an application!  Material fees will be charged after classes can be confirmed.

Contact Us

We recommend reaching out by email to ensure a speedy response to all inquiries. You can reach our Language Program Director, Danica Polanski at danica@dankhaus.com. Danica is an excellent resource for questions regarding registration, course schedule, materials, and other administrative questions. We can also be reached by phone at 773.561.9181 ext.2. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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