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Frequently Asked Questions - Important Information For Renters

As of August 2021

Marunde Ballroom: Located on the 5th floor of the cultural center, this venue is our most popular. This space shines with 130-250 guests for a seated dinner but is flexible enough to accommodate 450 guests for a cocktail party and everything in between. The Marunde Ballroom boasts all the necessary amenities: Full stage and dance floor, large main bar with several reach in coolers, plus service bar, caterer’s kitchen, and cloak room. Ideal for all formal events with terrazzo floors, gilded plaster moldings, ornate, original light fixtures and historic chandeliers against dark walnut and creamy walls. Wedding, receptions, quinceañeras, ceremonies, community fundraisers and holiday parties are among the many possibilities.

Skyline Lounge: Located on the 6th floor of the cultural center, this venue is perfect for smaller, more intimate gatherings. A rather versatile jewel box of a room, the Skyline Lounge holds up to 84 guests for a seated affair and up to 90 for a cocktail reception. Perfect for birthday parties, intimate weddings, corporate and club dinners, the Skyline Lounge provides all the features you could want, including vintage bar, prep kitchen and breathtaking city views.

Terrasse: Recently remodeled in Spring 2021 and located on the 6th floor of the cultural center, the Terrasse boasts unrivaled views of the Chicago Skyline from the Edgewater Hotel to Wrigley Field. The original stone balustrade is adorned with white lights and flower boxes. Perfect for small ceremonies, wedding photographs or as an additional space for guests, the Terrasse can be added to any space rental. New features include: newly installed pavers, awnings,  new tables and chairs, additional electrical outlets, upgraded lighting fixtures, guardrails and a plumbing source. 

Scharpenberg Gallery: Located on the 4th floor of the cultural center, the gallery hosts rotating art exhibits. Imagine having your corporate event, private party, anniversary party, with art as a backdrop. The gallery holds up to 100 people for an event to remember. 

The Brauhaus Room: Located on the 2nd floor of the cultural center, this large, open space is used for meetings, social gatherings and film screenings. Recently remodeled in September 2020 and formerly called the Brandenburg Room, the Brauhaus Room features much of the interior, including fixtures, chandeliers from the storied Chicago Brauhaus which closed its doors in December 2017.  Several German American clubs call this space home at least once a month, as can you. With the ability to seat up to 200 people, the Brauhaus Room also features a fully remodeled bar,  a three compartment sink, sound system and projection capabilities. The traditional artifacts and add to the charm of this room. Host your next casual gathering here; it's the perfect room for both conducting business and having some traditional German Gemütlichkeit!

Contract: To “Save Your Date”, a $500 security deposit and a signed contract are required. We accept cash or check made payable to DANK Haus German American Cultural Center.


  • $500 due at signing.
  • 50% due 90 days prior to rental date.
  • 50% (payment in full) due 45 days prior to rental date.
  • A credit card authorization form will be held for non-payments and damages.
  • Please note that there is a 3% credit card processing fee for credit card transactions. We do not offer discounts if paid in full. 

Refunds: There are no refunds if there is a cancellation within 45 days of the eventThere is a 15% fee of total rental fee for cancellations within 46 - 90 days of the event.

Security Deposit: $500 security deposit will be held until 30 days after the rental date. Failure to adhere to policies or damage to the rental hall will result in loss of the security deposit.

Does the DANK Haus offer discounts for Friday rentals? No, we do not.

Does the DANK Haus offer discounts for weekday daytime rentals? Yes, please email us for more information

Does the DANK Haus offer any discounts? Yes, we offer “Friends of the DANK Haus” discounted rates. You may become a member for $50 per person or $75 per family. In addition, we do offer substantial discounts for our fellow non-profit organizations, email us at for more information. 

Does the DANK Haus offer a discount when renting more than one space? Yes, we offer a discounted price when the Skyline Lounge, Terrasse, and Marunde Ballroom are rented together for $7,000 when you become a Friend of the DANK Haus.

What is the occupancy of each rental space?

  • Marundee Ballroom - 570 fire code, 400 cocktail, 250 - 350 seated

  • Skyline Lounge - 100 fire code, 90 cocktail, 60 - 80 seated

  • Terrasse - 80 fire code, 30 cocktail, 80 standing (can now accommodate tables and chairs) 

  • Brauhaus Room - 300 fire code, 200 cocktail, 96 - 150 seated

  • Scharpenberg Gallery - 120 fire code, 100 cocktail, 60 - 80 seated

What is the square footage of each rental space?

  • Marunde Ballroom - 4800 sf

  • Skyline Lounge - 1500 sf

  • Terrasse - 160 sf

  • Brauhaus Room - 2750 sf

  • Scharpenberg Gallery - 1920 sf

Liquor: The DANK Haus does not provide alcohol. You may purchase alcohol from any vendor you choose. All alcohol must be dispensed by a basset certified bartender. Your alcohol (from Binny’s, Costco or another vendor) can be delivered Monday, Wednesday through Saturday. All deliveries are made through our back alley located behind our building. Please ring the bell for service.There are no deliveries accepted on Tuesdays.

Kegs/Barrels: You may bring in your own kegs/barrels. Kegs/barrels must be American or German beer. If you choose to bring in imported beer (ie: Guinness from Ireland), your beer distributor must provide you with keg couplings and a tap.

  • The 2nd Floor Brauhaus Room can accommodate up to 4 kegs of beer. 

  • The 4th Floor Gallery/Museum can accommodate 1 keg of beer. 

  • The 5th Floor Ballroom can accommodate up to 4 kegs of beer.

  • The 6th Floor Skyline Lounge can accommodate up to 4 kegs of beer.

Soda/Pop/Water/Wine/Spirits: The reach in coolers are six cubic feet each. There are two (2) reach in coolers on the 2nd and 5th Floor bars and one (1) in the 6th Floor bar. Each cooler can hold approximately 5 (24 can) cases of soda. You may also refrigerate your water, wine, and mixers in the reach in coolers. You may NOT store food or ice in the reach in coolers.

Bartenders: All events where alcohol is being served requires a certified bartender. We recommend 1 bartender for every 70 - 80 guests. Bartenders are not included in the 5th floor rental, but one (1) bartender is included when renting the Skyline Lounge. Bartenders can be hired through our preferred staffing company at a rate of $30/hour, if coordinated through the DANK Haus. The renter must set up the bar in advance of the event to allow for a seamless event, it is not the responsibility of the bartender to organize the bar.

Catering: The DANK Haus does not provide catering. We provide a flexible catering policy that allows you to choose your own caterer. The catering company must provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) 30 days prior to the rental date listing the DANK Haus as an additional insured. Your caterer will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining our kitchens to the highest standard. If anything is left behind, it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure those items are accounted for, it is not responsibility of the DANK Haus. 

Will our caterer be allowed to cook on site? The use of our kitchen is for warming and prepping only. We do NOT allow cooking on the premises. In addition, deep fryers, propane tanks and grills are not allowed. Our kitchens are for food prep and heating only. Your caterer should be advised of our policy.

The 5th Floor kitchen includes:

  • Hand wash sink

  • 3-part sink

  • 2 commercial ovens

  • 6-foot stainless island

  • 4-foot stainless surface

  • 10-foot laminate surface

  • Trash cans and bags

  • Ice

The 6th Floor Prep kitchen includes:

  • 3-part sink

  • 8-foot surface

  • Trash cans and bags

  • Ice

Can we bring our own food? Yes, but you will need to obtain special event general liability insurance. Please call Riehn (DBA Corkill) Insurance and they can assist you with that coverage. Laura Miron, is the Account Manager for the DANK Haus regarding insurance matters. You can call Corkill Insurance at 847-758-1000 extension 7875, email

Do you provide dishes, linens and silverware? No, we do not.

Deliveries / Delivery Hours: NO Deliveries on Tuesday. Delivery hours are Mondays 9:00 am - 2:30 pm, Wednesdays - Fridays, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Saturday deliveries are accepted after 10:00 am. 

Contact Person Day Of Event: Your first and best point of contact the day of the event will be a facilities staff member and this individual will be available in the back alley when you are loading in your items and show you to the rental space. If all items have been dropped off in advance, you can coordinate going to the venue space via the front passenger elevator. The office does NOT accept phone calls or emails the day of the event, please plan accordingly. 

If you require a coordinator the day of your event, we recommend you hire a third party service. We recommend reaching out to

Parking: After business hours, guests are welcome to park in the 53 Bank lot located at Western & Gunnison (4800 North Western Avenue). Metered street parking is available in 3-hour increments. 

Tables & Chairs: Tables and chairs are provided by the DANK Haus. They will be set up to your specifications by 10:00 AM the day of your event at the latest and ready for linen drop. We have faux leather, cream colored chairs with silver legs, and standard tables. We also have chairs that are maroon cloth with gold framing available. 

Table and linen sizes are listed here:

  • 8 Foot Rectangular Table: Seats 8 / Linens: 72” x 144” for dining / 90” x156” to floor
  • 72” Round Table: Seats 10 / Linens: 108" or 120" for dining / 132" to floor
  • 32” Tall Round “High Boys”: Cocktail service / Linens:120" to floor / 132' with tied sash

Note: Please make sure to send us your floor plan one week out so we can have the room set up.

Decorations: You will have access to the room beginning at 10:00 am, the day of your event. You are welcome to make your rental space inviting with decorations. We allow candles, but they must be enclosed in glass and blown out at the end of the event. Candelabras are NOT allowed. Glitter and confetti are NOT allowed. If you decide to do any hanging of decorations, you will need to use the hooks throughout the room or blue painters tape. Transparent tape and nails are NOT allowed

Remember, all decorations must be removed at the end of the event. We recommend that you designate someone, your caterer or a guest, to be in charge of taking down decorations at the end of your event. Failure to adhere to our decorations policy may result in a loss of your security deposit. If we notice damage to the facility in regards to decorations, we will need to assess and a portion of your security deposit may be held for financial compensation. 

When may I pick up? All rentals for events on Monday through Friday must be cleaned and items removed by midnight the date of the rental. On a case by case basis, some Saturday night rentals may return on Monday between 9:00am and 3:00pm.  All items must be removed no later than Monday. The DANK Haus is not responsible for items that are left and they will be disposed of accordingly. The facility is closed on Sundays.

Music / Bands / DJ’s / Performers: You may hire live bands for your event. The band, performers and/or DJ’s are required to bring their own equipment, including a PA and speakers. All performers must load in through the freight elevator. The DANK Haus should be notified of who your entertainers are prior so we can direct them to the correct venue location for set up. Entertainers are welcome to have a sound check prior to your event, but you will need to arrange the time directly with them. In addition, all equipment will need to be removed through the freight elevator from the premises by midnight.

What other things should I know? The DANK Haus will take care of the garbage and will replenish the ice throughout the event. The DANK Haus will maintain the restrooms, assist with lighting, heating and air conditioning, and assist with spills during your event.

The DANK Haus also has the following add-on items available:

● Easels: $15.00 (each) ● Podium: $50.00 ● Professional Bartender: $30/hour (minimum of 4 hours) ● Portable Speaker System: $200 ● 5th floor Speaker System: $200.00 ● Microphone: $50.00 ● Projector: $40.00 ● Screen (small only): $60.00 ● Brauhaus Room Projector and Screen: $150.00 ● Security Guards: $100 per person (4 hours)

Security: When renting the Terrasse one (1) security guard is included in the rental fee for 4 hours. If you wish to hire additional security at your event, you are welcome to do so at your own cost.

Can I have a ceremony and reception in the same room? Yes, your caterer will “flip” the room between the two events. You will need to supply the room configurations for both the ceremony and the reception prior to your event to the DANK Haus.

May we have our pet in our ceremony or at the reception? Animals are NOT allowed in the DANK Haus unless they are certified service animals.

What do other bridal parties do in your space? We have been serving brides for over 50 years and we welcome you and your ideas. If you wish to see photos of other events, please visit at our website 

Can we use your coolers to store floral arrangements, food, and cake? We can not be responsible for any items that are stored in our coolers.

Should we bring in our own ice? We provide ice for bar service. If your caterer needs ice for their food service, they are welcome to bring ice in coolers. Please do NOT put ice in our reach in coolers. They are not freezers and your ice will melt.

Are we responsible for cleaning up after our event? You will be responsible for taking down all of your decorations. Your caterer will be responsible for returning our kitchen to the condition it was when they arrived. The caterer will be responsible for removing all food and beverage from the tables and bar area. We will be responsible for breaking down the tables and chairs and cleaning the room. We will remove all the garbage and recycling from your event. Musicians and performers need to remove their items at the end of the night. “Lost and found” Items found on site will be stored in our office and can be picked up by your guests on the following Monday during regular business hours.

What if something goes wrong during our event? Our facilities staff will be on premise during your event and will be your primary contact.


1)    Liability Insurance: It is a policy of the DANK Haus that any renters of hall space provide the DANK Haus with evidence of special event general liability insurance in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND add DANK Haus as additional insured. Typically, premiums for special event general liability insurance range from $250 - $300. If you require this type of insurance, please call Riehn Insurance (this is the DANK Haus’ insurance provider) at 773-561-4200.

2)    Liability Insurance (caterer): If renter engages the services of a catering company, the catering company shall provide the DANK Haus with evidence of general liability insurance including products liability in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND naming DANK Haus as additional insured and certificate holder.

3)    Liability Insurance (liquor): If liquor is served, evidence of liquor liability insurance needs to be provided. 

4.)   Decorations: All rentals include the option to display decorations for your event on the first floor and in the elevator. These items can be displayed the morning of the event at the earliest. First floor decorations should be limited to a single table that will be positioned next to the elevator (ex. A stylized announcement or welcome sign for your guests that will direct them towards the elevator). Elevator decorations should be limited to posters, streamers, or other two-dimensional items that can be easily removed without causing damage or discoloration of the elevator walls. Please note that the plastic wall mounted sign holders in the elevator do not open outward. Paper signs slide in and out of the sides only. Pulling the panel outward will result in damage to the holder and a replacement fee will be deducted from the deposit accordingly.

We also ask that you refrain from removing, damaging, or obstructing any DANK Haus signs or posters. The DANK Haus often hosts multiple events in one evening for the general public that are also advertised in the elevator, hallways, and entryway. Tampering with building signage (ex. Room capacity signs, fire instructions, room numbers, etc) is a safety hazard and is expressly prohibited.

5.)  Kitchen & Bar Policies:

  • Before leaving, all counters, sinks, and work surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized.

  • All additional equipment (AV, tableware, etc.)  must be packed and set aside to be ready for immediate pick up following your event.

  • Note: With prior notification, we will allow a delayed equipment pick up time provided that the items to be held at the Haus are cleaned of all remaining food and drink and can be stacked and stored without obstructing exhibits or passageways. 

6.) DANK Haus Terrace Policies:

With the recent remodel of the terrace, we have instituted the following policies:

  • Only terrace furniture is allowed, this includes aluminum tables and chairs. We are also able to accommodate highboy cocktail tables upon request. 

  • No smoking is permitted on the terrace or anywhere inside/outside of the DANK Haus. You must go outside the building to smoke. 

  • Do not relocate planters. In the event you obtain prior approval to relocate the planters, you must return the planters to the original location at the end of the event. 

  • Glass is not permitted on the terrace.

  • Do not lean over the guardrail or edge.

  • Do not set drinks or cups on the guardrail or ledge, use the tables provided.

  • Open fire is not allowed.

  • No confetti allowed.

  • No stickers or adhesives allowed on the terrace pavers.

  • No fireworks or Chinese lanterns allowed.

  • Kids under the age of 14, must be supervised/accompanied by an adult

Any of these violations could cause the terrace to be closed down without refund.

All vendors including catering and staffing need to send a Certificate of Liability to The names of all other service providers including musicians, performers, florists, etc. should be sent to as we often have multiple events at a time.

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