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Charlie Bills |  Facilities Manager 

Charlie Bills, our Facilities Manager, has been employed at the DANK Haus since March 2004! In his tenure at the DANK Haus, Charlie has helped set up for over 2000 weddings, fundraisers and events!

Charlie hails from Woodridge, IL. When he's not working (on Tuesdays), he practices his guitar. Charlie's favorite event at the DANK Haus was the Harmonica Exhibit in the Scharpenberg Art Gallery.

Even though he is here over 40 hours a week, he still enjoys visiting the Museum and always finds something new on display. Charlie believes that he has heard the song Ein Prosit more than any other German repertoire song in the world.

We could wallpaper the entire ballroom with the thank you letters and emails that praise Charlie. We appreciate his hard work and would be lost without him!

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