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Classes FAQ

What classes do you offer?

We offer "core classes" and "Next Level German" classes.
Core classes have 7 stages, and one builds on the other:

Beginner I (no prior German knowledge required)
Beginner II
Beginner III
Beginner IV
Intermediate (can be taken repeatedly)
Proficient I
Proficient II

Next Level German classes run shorter, can be taken at any point, and cover various topics:

Reading and Writing

Current Events

... and more

What are "NEXT LEVEL GERMAN" classes and how can i take them?

Next Level German classes are designed to go beyond the usual teaching materials. Classes may change from semester to semester, depending on student interest.
You can take these classes at any point, as long as you meet the language requirements.
We strive to offer classes for a broad variety of skills and interest; usually you can take a Next Level German class once you have passed the beginner III level.

i have taken german in high school - which class should i take?

To find out which level you're at, take our placement test. This will recommend a level for you. If you are still unsure contact us with your results at

what books/teaching material do you use?

For Beginner I - IV we use Klett's Linie 1 books.
For Intermediate we use various books, as this level is designed to be taken repeatedly. We roll through four different books over a 4-semester (2 year) period.
For Proficient I we use Schubert's Erkundungen.
For Proficient II and for special classes we use authentic material from all kinds of sources.

How much are the books?

The books cost about $30/semester.

do I have to order the book myself?

Yes. There is a link on the registration page so that you can order your book directly from the publisher. Please do so as soon as you can, as delivery times have been longer than usual during Covid-19. You can also order online material only, but experience has shown that a paper version often works better.

do you use other material than books?

Yes.  In all classes we supplement the books with other authentic reading, watching, hearing, and listening materials.

How long are your classes?

With e-learning, classes are 90 minutes long, except for Beginner I + II which are split in two 1-hour sessions.

In-Person classes are 2h15min long.

Core classes usually run 16 weeks (not including holidays).

Next Level German classes usually run 6 weeks each (not including holidays), and can be stacked onto one another.

When does the semester start?

Spring Semester usually runs from mid-January through mid-May.

Fall Semester usually runs from early-September through mid-December.

Our accelerated Summer Semester usually runs June through August.

What are accelerated classes?

During our summer semester you can take core classes which run for a shorter time but will cover the same course contents as the 16-week spring and fall classes. For details please refer to our course catalog found here.

When will I get my class confirmation?

We need at least 6 people to sign up for a class. Once this many students have enrolled, we will send out confirmation emails. This, unfortunately, may happen very close to the start of the class, as people often sign up late.


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