Virtual B I N G O !

  • Wednesday, May 13, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 126


Let's Play B I N G O !

Join us for a fast paced, fun filed virtual BINGO game! Kenny Howanski will be our evenings caller and will treat us to classic '5 in a Row' BINGO plus some other fun games, like 'Postage Stamp'. You don't need to know anything about BINGO to join in and have fun in this game of chance.

To keep it interesting, 50% of the pot will go to DANK Haus as a fundraiser, and the other 50% will be divided up as monetary prizes for the winners of each game. You'll want to stay until the end when we play 'Full Card' for the big JACKPOT!

PDF Playing Cards will be sent to each of the players the day of the game via an email with the login information. You will want to have a home printer to print your game cards out. INCREASE YOUR ODDS to win a payout and buy a 5 pack! Want even more cards? Simply "add a guest" when you register so you can have even more of your quarantine mates play along at home.

$5.00 - single card

$20 - five card pack

How will it work? When you register for BINGO you can pick the number of cards you wish for the players in your home. $5 will get you one card, $20 will buy you a five pack of cards. You will receive an email confirmation from our system. On the day of the event (Wednesday) you will receive a second email from ( that will have a link for the event and PDF's of your game cards so you can play along. In the second email you will have detailed instructions on how to download and tips on making the most of the event.

Be sure to check your SPAM or "Promotions" folder for email correspondence from!

Prior to taking the class, you will want to download on your computer or smart phone. This application is free and takes about one minute. We will even help you if are having trouble using the program.

BINGO! will start EXACTLY at 7:00 PM (CST) on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Simply click on the link to join the game with Kenny and all of your DANK friends! You will be able to see other people on the call and interact with the other gamers, especially when you shout "B I N G O !  -   I won!"

50% of all card sales will go to support the DANK Haus and 50% will be divided between the games for cash prizes.

If you want to make a bigger donation to the DANK Haus, you can buy more cards (add a guest feature) or simply make a direct donation to us via our website.

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