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KiSchu: 2024/25 Advanced German (DSD II)

  • Saturday, September 07, 2024
  • Saturday, June 07, 2025
  • 23


  • This class is for those who are taking DSD II class for the first time.
    Meeting time is: 9-10:30am
  • This class is for those who have already taken a DSD II class before.
    Meeting time is: 10:45am-12:15pm


advanced german (DSD II)

14-18 year olds

Willkommen to the 2024/25 school year at the Kinderschule!

class description

This community based heritage learning class is a full immersion German program with an emphasis on academic German which will bring our students on par with the German language skills of an "Abiturient" (a student who finished High School). At the same time, it is important to us that our students not only learn the language, but also the culture, and become part of our community. This class is taught online (students may take this class at the Haus - bring headphones!).

Academically, our program is accredited with the Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA), we follow the European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), and this class explicitly prepares students for the Deutsche Sprachdiplom II. But while we offer and prepare for this exam, students take it on a voluntary basis, and are welcome to enjoy this class without a final exam, as it is more important to us that our students enjoy learning the culture and the language than that they excel in any standardized test.

Meeting times

Classes meet ONLINE Saturdays (see detailed calendar here) from either

  • 9-10:30am (Session I) EINSTEIGER (BEGINNER)
  • or 10:45-12:15pm (Session II) FORTGESCHRITTEN (ADVANCED)
Your child(ren) can take the class at our Haus (bring headphones!), and help out as an assistant with the younger students afterwards (school day ends at 12pm).

Class placement

This Advanced German class is for students on a B1+ level, who are older than 14. If you are not sure about your child(ren)'s level, please have them take this short placement test and send us the results.

If your child(ren) have been enrolled with us in the school year 2023/24, and have passed the DSD I exam, this is the right class. Students generally take this class for at least a full year before they prepare for the actual exam and many students take this class for two years before taking the exam.

If your child(ren) are not yet on the B1+ level, we recommend signing up for our in-person Saturday classes, and/or our Afternoon classes.


Our school year has 32 sessions, and costs $586 for friends of DANK (you can become a friend here). Generally, if you are signing up more than one child, the family friend option pays for itself and you will be able to take advantage of all our special offers for our friends throughout the year. For the general public the price is $615.

Be sure to pay by June 30, 2024, to take advantage of this pricing! Sign up is free, we will send you an invoice after you have signed up. If you pay during July, there is a $25 surcharge, and if you pay after August 1st there is a $50 surcharge.

If you would like to pay this amount in full, please indicate so during registration, if not, we will invoice you quarterly, resulting in 4 charges.

Sign-up fee

There is no sign-up fee. Once you have signed up we will send you an invoice. If you pay by June 31st, 2023, you will receive last school year's pricing (see above). If you pay during July, there is a $25 surcharge, and if you pay after August 1st there is a $50 surcharge.

Questions? Comments?

Please contact with any questions, concerns, and comments. You can also reach us at 773-561-9181 Ext.2!

See you in class! / Bis dahin!

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