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  Vintage Deutsch

The German American Cultural Center is staging an upscale fashion and wine event celebrating the emergence of Berlin as a "City of Design" and the panoply of German wines.  Guests will enjoy mingling with fashion and accessory designers, glass in hand in the gilded Skyline Lounge.   Sommeliers from Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe will enlighten guests on the broad spectrum of German wines.  Ingrid Kaltenbach, longtime fashion importer with a discerning eye for quality, will exhibit an array of Old World fabrics and trims while Erika Neumayer of Rare Dirndl turns traditional dress into a Saturday night option.  Jewelry designer Kristin Hunger offers finishing touches and twists.

Vintage Deutsch aims to raise the profile of German wines and fashion as well as funds to keep German language and culture at the forefront of the Chicago area.
Come raise your glass to Germany at this glittering event.  Space is limited, reserve today.

Participating vendors:

  • Rare Dirndl
  • International Fashions by Ingrid
  • Kristen Hunger Creative Designs
  • Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe


Purchase Tickets

4 September 2014 | 7:00pm  | $30 Advance Tickets

German History - From Neanderthal Mann to Karl der Grosse

Explore German heritage with Moderator Mike Haas.  This series offers insightful, fact and fun filled evenings that are light on lecture, yet heavy on visuals and discussion.  This experience will broaden your general knowledge and understanding of German history.


* Of Germans and Our Heritage

* Germanic Origins of English

* Origin of German Names

* From the very Beginning to the Limes Germanicus

* When the Roman Eagles Fell - Teutoburg Forest - 9 AD

* Germanic Conquest of the Roman Empire 200-476 AD

* Gott Mit Uns! Pre Christian Germanic Religiosity and Conversion

* St Boniface, Apostle to the Germans

* Of Karl the Great, Europe & the West

 18. Sep - 23. Okt | Thursdays |630pm - 830pm | Class fee $100 | Register Online

No text books, no tests, no homework - you bring a sincere curiosity and leave with a whole new appreciation!

Children & Adult Language Class Registration

It's almost that time of year again - back to school - and we can't wait to see you learning German at the historic DANK Haus. Registration for children, adults, and tots is fast approaching. Don't miss out on the chance to expand you or your child's knowledge of German language and culture. Classes are taught by native German speakers at a very reasonable price. Can't wait to see you in September!

Adult Registration | 27 Aug 2014 | Class fee $300 / semester | Begin Sept 10th & 13th

Children Registration | 6 Sept 2014 | Class fee $580 (before Aug 22) / academic year | Begin Sept 13th


 Kulturküche: Zwiebelkuchen - German Onion Tart

 Join Rita to create a German Onion Tart - a delicious specialty served as the months turn cooler and especially popular when the new wine, or "Moscht" comes out in the fall, a few weeks after crush. Zwiebelkuchen contains onions, as indicated, as well as caraway and often bacon or ham. In comparison to quiche, it is usually baked on yeast dough, like pizza.
Stuttgart Zwiebelkuchen 6 This dough and onion combination is particularly flavorful because the lean dough becomes crispy in the oven and does not overwhelm the toppings. 

19 September 2014 | 7:30pm | Class fee $16 | Register Online

Chicago Cultural Alliance
Chicago Cultural Alliance
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This tour was developed by DANK Haus German American Cultural Center, IPRAC, and Polish Museum of America with the support of the Boeing Foundation and Chicago Architecture Foundation.


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